Working With Influencers

First things first, is influencer marketing right for your business?

This largely depends on your objectives and your target consumer. Are you trying to grow brand awareness or drive actual sales? Influencer marketing can do both, but you might need to take a different approach depending on your objectives. Previously, it was felt that influencers couldn’t directly drive sales, but that is changing now as social media platforms add new sales features like ‘swipe up to purchase’.

Does your target consumer follow influencers on social media? If you own a beauty brand aimed at young women, influencers could be a great medium for you, but if you have a health supplement aimed at the over 50s, you might be better off focusing your efforts on traditional media.

Why work with influencers?

If you get it right, influencer marketing can be a very effective way of reaching your target consumer with an engaging marketing message. In this digital world, so many people get their inspiration, tips and lifestyle advice from influencers on Instagram, in much the same way as they would leaf through a magazine.

Influencers help to shape online word of mouth, and influencer marketing gives you an opportunity to place your brand at the centre of that discussion.

So is it just another form of advertising?

 Sort of, but the crucial difference is that influencers adopt and embody a marketing message in a way that is engaging for their followers. When influencers promote a product on their social media channels, they integrate it into their lifestyle and they communicate the brand message in their own tone of voice.

A Zara dress is just another Zara dress, until Pippa O’Connor wears it to a party in Mykonos. Then it takes on another meaning. If she tells her followers that she felt amazing wearing it, they trust what she says. This type of endorsement can mean so much more than an advertisement.

But are consumers not more cynical now? They know that influencer marketing is paid for. 

True, consumers are more cynical, and they know what #ad means. That’s why it’s so important that influencer marketing is done right.

Firstly, it’s essential that you choose the right influencer. Are they a trusted source of information? Do they use your product already? Does your product fit naturally within their day to day life?

Likewise, in terms of content, paying an influencer to post a photo of themselves with your product no longer cuts it. Instead, could you ask them to take part in an experience that embodies your brand and share this with their followers? This type of content is much more interesting, and today’s consumers don’t mind being marketed to if the message is engaging and worth following.

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