The Pr Toolkit – Pr Brief

The third in the series of Elevate PR’s IGTV PR Toolkit, Elevate sat down with their very own Claire Feely, Director of Client Services at Elevate, to discuss the ins and outs when receiving a PR brief from a potential new client. With *60% of clients working more reactively than they have ever had to, many brands are having difficulty trying to plan ahead and focus on long-term brand planning.

If you are considering reaching out to a PR agency with a brief, here are some top insights and tips from Claire and Emma’s conversation, which can be viewed here.

Tell Us Your Story
Include as many details on the brand as possible – a brand history, previous campaigns, what worked and what didn’t work, key competitors, what the current market landscape looks like for your brand. Are there pitfalls and challenges that you need PR to address?

Who is Your Customer?
The more a PR agency knows about your customer the better, so we can provide a strategic response in how to reach them. Details on demographic, age, location, and any consumer research you can provide in the brief is helpful.

Set Clear Deliverables
Set clear deliverables out in the brief. Are you looking for a proposal to answer a campaign brief, are you looking for a PR led brand idea, or are you looking for a longer-term PR brand strategy in the response? Share the overall business objectives and how the business sees the PR objectives laddering back to these.

Introduce Your Team
Let us know the team and other agencies that we will work with if we get the chance to work with you. It is all about chemistry and working relationships at the end of the day.

What Success Looks Like
If you know what a successful campaign looks like for your brand, set out your stall. Share a budget and a timeline for the activity, and if there are key metrics that need to be measured, include those in the brief too.

Claire and Emma also discussed how the asks in PR briefs have changed over the years and spoke about some key trends including:

  • Digital transformation and brief’s focusing on driving awareness of new ecommerce platforms
  • The increase in influencer marketing specific campaigns with a focus on social selling
  • The ask for virtual events to launch new products and campaigns
  • Success measured in reach, impressions, engagement, and sales


If you have a PR brief that you would like us to take a look at and respond to, email or