The Pr Toolkit – Media Pitches

In episode nine of Elevate PR’s IGTV PR Toolkit, Emma Kelly sat down with Emer Igbokwe, Account Manager at Elevate PR, to discuss the top tips needed when pitching a story to media.

Here are the main points from their conversation.


Having a strong knowledge of the media landscape is required when pitching to media. You need to know who the journalist is, what their style of writing is, what sector they cover, the print deadline etc.  Before contacting a member of media, do your research, if you approach a member of media with the incorrect information, or angle for them, they will shut you down straight away, so always do your homework. For small brand owners, buying the daily and weekend papers, along with the trade and glossy magazines, will allow you to visually see what is being covered in each publication and understand where your brand or product can be featured, and by who.

Media Profiling Opportunities

At the beginning of every new campaign, we draft a media angles document that allows us to clearly outline who the campaign spokesperson is, what publication we would like to pitch them to, and what newsworthy angle we will be pitching. When pitching the spokesperson, whether they are a well-known personality, ambassador, CEO or marketing expert, it is important that each pitch is tweaked to ensure media from different publications are receiving a different angle. This offers an element of exclusivity to each publication and increases your likelihood of landing coverage, as the same story will not appear multiple times in different titles.

Future Trends

Tailoring pitches will continue to remain hugely important. Media receive hundreds of emails every day, so make your pitch stand out and let the journalist know you have thought of the angle, and you can see how and where the story will sit.

Offering exclusivities will continue to entice media, as they want their publication to be the first with the newsworthy angles. Think about it strategically and offer the exclusive to the publication that grab the attention of the brands target market the most. Once the exclusive is live, the press release or ambassador can be pitched far and wide in the hopes of receiving additional reach and awareness.

Continue to develop and strengthen your media connections. The media landscape is very small in Ireland, so putting the time and effort into knowing the journalists that are relevant to your sector will pay off in the long run. It allows you to call them up last minute and ask for advice or share a last minute request. Having these strong relationships are very important of times of uncertainty.

Landing a successful pitch is never guaranteed, however by using the tips outlined, will help you in your approach.

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