The Pr Toolkit – Creative Press Drops

In the fourth episode of Elevate’s new IGTV PR Toolkit series, we spoke to Grace Collins, Director at Ten Four Global, about creating unique and eye-catching press drops.

It is a saturated market now, with brands fighting to stand out amongst the sea of influencer and press drops flooding our Instagram feeds. Grace shared some top tips to ensure your brand grabs attention.

Getting to Know You
Make sure you tailor the press drop to the journalist, influencer, or VIP customer you are sending it to, to ensure they give your product the very best coverage. What the recipient needs may differ depending on who they are. Media need brand and product information, influencers want something eye-catching that will add to their social feed, and VIP customers want to know where they can shop the latest collection.

Tell a Story
Media drops are a great way to start a conversation online, so think about the story you would like the recipient to tell, and in what order. Do not be afraid to create different layers and discoverable moments that brings the recipient and their audience along on a journey, but remember, there is beauty in simplicity and practicality.

Think Practically
Create something that will stand out from the crowd but keep practicality in mind and develop something that is fit for purpose.

It’s All About the Experience
People are craving IRL experiences, so take the drop to another level and work with a luxury courier service or develop a creative delivery concept that adds the wow factor from the moment the doorbell rings.

Finishing Touches
Don’t forget, your product has to arrive in something, whether that’s a hamper, a gift bag, or a cooler box, so put some time into developing a creative way to house the drop that will contribute to the Instagrammable effect.

When it comes to the future of press drops, Grace spoke about some of the interesting trends she is already beginning to see:

  • Sustainability – media and influencers receive dozens of drops a day, which generally arrive in cardboard boxes or plastic coverings. Many have started to highlight drops that are not environmentally friendly, so this is something all brands must take into consideration. There are ways to counteract this, such as using sustainable materials or designing a container that can be repurposed. Our client Volvo recently sent out a press drop that was sustainably focused and offset any impact by planting a tree in the recipient’s name.
  • Direct to consumer – brands are making a conscious decision to move their focus from influencers to in real life consumers with press drops.
  • Incorporating tech – due to restrictions, brand lead events are not taking place at the moment, so some brands have decided to combine creative media drops with launch events to drive maximum exposure.

Watch the full IG Live episode on Creative Press Drops here.