The Influencer Toolkit

Earlier this year, we launched The Influencer Toolkit, a content series on Instagram that gives viewers an insight into how we work with influencers. Influencer marketing plays a big role in many PR campaigns.  With this toolkit we share our knowledge and tips and tricks on how to make it work for a brand.

Here are our ten top tips:

  1. Define the target audience
  2. Decide if you are working with influencers on a paid-for basis or organically (ie gifting only say)
  3. Compile an influencer shortlist
  4. Look at the influencers’ insights to see how their content performs and who is following them
  5. Share a brief and contract, if working with influencers on a paid-basis
  6. If it’s an organic campaign, make sure you have a good hook to generate organic social media mentions such as sending a media drop, inviting them on a press trip or to an event, etc.
  7. Share the brand handle and hashtag
  8. If a paid-for campaign, the influencer should share the content for client approval
  9. Monitor social media for mentions
  10. Analyse the results. For paid-for campaigns, the influencer should provide analytics, while for organic campaigns, measure on potential reach and the number or organic mentions. You might also use trackable links whereby you can analyse real sales.

For more top tips, watch our Influencer Toolkit series here. If you want to work with influencers for your brand or business, please contact us or call (01) 662 5652.