The Influencer Toolkit – Tech With Jess Kelly

The fourth episode of Elevate’s new InstaLive series, The Influencer Toolkit, featured tech influencer and journalist, Jess Kelly of Newstalk FM and also the host of the popular Tech Talk podcast.  She talked about how she landed her job and how she keeps on top of the changes in the tech landscape.

Top Tips

Jess shared some advice on how tech brands should work with her. Telling a story when you pitch is vital. Instagram is her favourite social media platform; it allows brand to communicate directly with consumers and she loves the community element. Even though she has more followers on Twitter she only uses it as a publishing platform these days.

Jess is authentic, neutral, honest, and fair in her tech reviews so does not accept paid collaborations from tech brands.

Tech Trends

  1. Customer service:

Human-to-human contact is important as we ease out of the pandemic. Tech brands need to offer the human touch in their customer service.  Social media is now an important channel for customer service.

  1. The future of work:

Covid was a catalyst to the remote/hybrid working and Jess believes it is here to stay.  Telemedicine and remote learning are here to stay. The national broadband plan if rolled out correctly will give people more options to live and work remotely.

Check out the full IG Live here.