SeoÍd Spa At Dunboyne Castle Hotel

This month, why not escape to the oasis of calm that is Seoíd Spa at Dunboyne Castle Hotel & Spa, a true hidden jewel in County Meath. Seoíd, meaning gem in Irish is exactly that, as the spa offers a range of specialized treatments, some with a Middle Eastern theme, for a truly unique place to relax and unwind. This, alongside the spa’s hydrotherapy pool, heated pool loungers, sauna, steam room, and outdoor hot tub, helps the team at Seoíd Spa to accommodate each guest’s individual needs.

Seoíd Spa’s Rasul Mud Chamber is a perfect treatment to share with a partner or a friend. This treatment uses muds infused with essential oils and minerals, which is applied in the chamber. Then, aromatic steam fills the chamber, softening the skin and relaxing muscles, before a dry heat intensifies the muds on the skin. The muds are all washed away by a tropical rain shower in the chamber, leaving guests feeling refreshed and renewed. Another unique treatment, the Sabbia Med Beach Experience involves guests lying on a virtual beach of heated sand, taking them from sunrise to sunset in 30 minutes. This treatment stimulates production of the happy hormone and vitamin D to strengthen the immune system and alleviate the condition S.A.D. The Hammam Scrub at Seoíd Spa is an ancient bathing ritual brought into the 21st century. Traditionally done on a marble slab, Seoíd Spa uses a modern heated table, which is designed to allow for a deeper, more invigorating full body polish.

Alongside the Middle Eastern inspired treatments, Seoíd Spa is also certified as ‘Cancer Aware’ by global spa director, Spafinder Wellness 365, which certifies that the spa is highly-educated in safe holistic cancer care treatments. Available for both men and women, these treatments are carried out by expertly trained therapists and are endorsed by the Irish Cancer Society, as a beneficial complimentary therapy that go hand-in-hand with conventional medical treatments. These treatments are aimed at easing pain, discomfort, and stress of those who are living with the disease, and they can be taken before, during, or after their programme of chemotherapy or radiation.

Seoíd Spa, which boasts outstanding spa facilities set in a peaceful and tranquil atmosphere, also provides a range of Voya facials and massages, alongside Image Skincare facials, and maintenance treatments such as manicures, pedicures and waxing.

Seoíd Spa is the perfect place to sit back, relax and take in the picturesque views surrounding the hotel, as it is nestled on 21 acres of Co. Meath countryside. The 4* Dunboyne Castle Hotel & Spa offers a range of deals for hotel getaways and luxurious spa packages. To help you experience the luxury you deserve, book your next hotel break through or by calling 01 801 3500.