Reimagined Nokia 2660 Flip Phone Now Available In Pop Pink And Lush Green

Gen Z and Millennials are flipping out over Flip phones

‘Dumbphones’ are on the rise as Gen Z and Millennials choose to limit screen time

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16 years on from the release of the original Nokia 2660 flip phone, it’s back with an updated look

Millions of Nokia feature phones sold monthly globally as consumers crave going back to basic

Swap reel life for real life with two all-new Nokia 2660 Flip phones in Pop Pink and Lush Green – the classic device has been reimagined in two new vibrant colours following a surge of interest in ‘dumbphones’ from Gen Z and Millennials who are choosing Flip phones to limit their smartphone screen time for their own mental wellbeing.

The all-new Nokia 2660 Flip Pop Pink and Lush Green have a beautiful and durable clamshell design which gives you the satisfaction of snapping the device shut once your task is complete. It also has a rear camera for lo-fi Y2K style pictures, battery for weeks, only SMS and calls which is great for a digital detox and of course the classic snake game.

The Nokia 2660 Flip ‘Pop pink’ is on sale here now  for €79.99 RRP and the Nokia 2660 Flip ‘Lush green’ will be coming soon – enter #FlipPhoneMode and start your smartphone detox.