Public Relations – The Tools We Use

There are a number of PR tools that we use to reach the media, influencers, stakeholders and consumers, and in today’s post, we take a look through these tools and offer some top tips.  

Photography is essential to the success of a PR campaign. After all, a picture can paint a thousand words. Brands need to have a bank of high-quality lifestyle and cut-out images, along with head and shoulder shots of key spokespeople, for media use. Photography is an investment and we work with leading lifestyle photographers to create assets for campaigns. Brands may need to look at assets that worked pre-Covid, but are now no longer relevant 

Press Materials 
The backbone of all PR campaigns, press materials need to be issued regularly to keep your brand top of mind with media. They need to be well written, factual, media friendly and have a newshook 

Generating coverage for clients is all about the newshook. Outside of a new product or service launches newshooks can be created by commissioning surveys, negotiating brand ambassadorships, announcing charity associations, and managing collaborations and sponsorship opportunities. 

 Media Drops 
Media drops are a big part of consumer PR campaigns. Less is more when it comes to media drops in this climate, and it is advisable to consider sustainability, to focus on quality over quantity, and authenticity over a hard sell. Choosing recipients that are the right storytellers for the brand is key.  

While the traditional PR event format is on hold due to Covid-19, many brands are successfully hosting virtual launches via IGTV, Instagram Live, Zoom, etc. and it will be this way for many months to come. Events, even virtual ones, require attention to detail, excellent execution and having the right media and influencers in attendance.  

Content is king, now more than ever. Content can take many forms – video, native and sponsored content, influencer content, brand content. A media partnership is a great tool for delivering specific brand messages to an already captive audience. Successful media partnerships require quality content that is the right fit for the channel and audience.  

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