Protect Your Hair During The Festive Season With Viviscal

Research, recently commissioned by Viviscal, found that Irish women are struggling with the condition of their hair. 1 in 5 surveyed claim their hair is damaged and over a third worry about their damaged hair regularly. The Christmas party season is due to kick off soon, and with it comes a month of heating, styling and backcombing, along with the harsh winter weather that can leave hair feeling dry and brittle. With almost a third of woman saying that their damaged hair makes them feel less attractive and affects their self-esteem, now is the time to start a journey to healthy hair, ensuring it survives the party season and setting it up for the season ahead with Viviscal.

Product build-up from elaborate hairdos can result in lacklustre and limp locks. And, overindulgence in food and alcohol can also have adverse effects on the condition and overall appearance of hair, as balanced diets are abandoned in search of festive cheer and indulgence.  When it comes to dodging hair damage this party season, it is best to follow expert advice. To encourage women to be proactive about their hair health in the run up to the hectic Christmas period, Viviscal has recruited industry experts to help educate women on the preventative actions they should take.

Taking care to eat well in the run up to the party season is key to hair resilience. Clinical nutritionist, Kyla Newcombe, explains: ‘Because good hair starts from within, the most effective step anyone can take is to feed the hair nutrients that are essential for its health. To promote hair growth, iron and niacin (vitamin B3) are key for blood circulation to your scalp and zinc is crucial for division of hair follicle cells.’

Supplementing a good diet with Viviscal in the months before Christmas is also a vital step in damage prevention. Celebrity hairstylist, Samantha Hillerby, states: ‘Viviscal supplements are a great way to top-up on nutrients to promote healthy hair. Taking these supplements should be followed with a good haircare regime using hydrating, moisturising, protein and keratin shampoos, and conditioning treatments.’

The survey also revealed that the main motivating factor when considering a product or vitamin for hair is the recommendation of friends and other consumers and scientific research. Viviscal meets this high benchmark as 96% of people who have tried the product would recommend it to someone experiencing some sort of hair damage, loss, thinning and shedding. It is undoubtedly a leading product for preventing damage this party season, as it is also backed by 25 years of research and 11 clinical trials.