No Mess, No Fuss, Just Fun! Odlums Launches New Cake Shakers And Waffle Flour

Behind every bake since 1845, Odlums launches three new baking products this month for no mess, no fuss, just fun baking. A staple in Irish cupboards for generations, Odlums is excited to introduce the latest additions to its range, the Cake Shakers and Waffle Flour. Whether you are new to baking or an expert in the kitchen, Odlums Cake Shakers are easy to use and delicious to eat. Odlums’ Cake Shakers come in two flavours, Chocolate Brownie and Classic Muffin. These, together with the new Waffle Flour, are ideal for budding bakers and all the family to get baking and enjoy. The Shakers are available at RRP €4.39, Waffle flour at RRP €2.49, and both are available now on promotion in selected retailers nationwide.

Each Odlums Cake Shaker contains the dry ingredients to create brownies or muffins. Simply add water and oil, put your favourite song on, and start to shake! Shaking the ingredients together will create a smooth liquid mixture which is then ready for the oven. The Muffin Cake Shaker will create approximately nine muffins when poured into a lined muffin tin. Why not add some blueberries or chocolate chips to put your own spin on a classic recipe? For the Chocolate Brownie, the recipe is the same. Simply add water, oil and shake, and why not drizzle white, milk or dark chocolate over your finished brownies to create a triple chocolate brownie dessert, the ultimate weekend treat!

Ideal for weekend breakfasts or a delicious dessert, Odlums Waffle Flour makes baking easy – no mess, no fuss, just fun. Mix the waffle flour in a bowl with a splash of milk, oil and egg, add a spoon to your waffle maker and wait for the magic to happen. Within minutes you will have a delicious plate of mouth-watering waffles. Sprinkle with your favourite toppings and enjoy.

For more information and allergens, please visit Suitable for all ages, the new range from Odlums is all about making baking easier. ‘No mess, no fuss, just fun’ – it’s time to shake up your bakes!