New Year, New Bedroom: Scandinavian Inspiration For Your Bedroom Makeover From Jysk

The New Year often brings with it a period of reset and renovation, making it the ideal time for a bedroom makeover. Fortunately, improving your bedroom is simple. This January, JYSK, the Danish home retailer, has all you need for the ultimate bedroom switch up. JYSK enjoys a worldwide reputation for being experts when it comes to sleep. Priding themselves on their choices of bedroom furniture and sleeping essentials, the Scandinavians see the bedroom as one of the most important rooms of the home. On average, we spend a third of our lives asleep, so choosing the right sleep products is essential for supporting our wellbeing.

A quality mattress, duvet, and pillow are the foundation of a great night’s sleep, and you can save 20-60%* on all mattresses, bed linen, duvets and pillows* with the Sleeping Days offers from Thursday, 12th January to Wednesday, 18th January.  JYSK’s range of high-quality sleeping products are available to shop online and instore to breathe new life into your bedroom. Included in the offer are the BRURI fibre duvet (€50), KNUTSEGGEN fibre pillow (€12) and GOLD S85 spring mattress (€435).

To create order in a bedroom and avoid unnecessary clutter, storage methods can easily become part of the decorative expression. The EGGERT (€24.99) basket can go under the bed or stand on its own on the floor and it can be used to store clothes, shoes, throws, and any other accessories that often take up more space than they should. Natural materials can make a bedroom feel more peaceful. To create a calm and pleasant space, why not try putting the ISSOLEIE (€8) throw on the bed.  Plants and flowers are also excellent choices to invite nature into your bedroom.  Display the OLIVER (€9.99) artificial plant in the MAX (€7.00) plant pot to bring a breath of fresh air to the bedroom while also providing something green to look at.

To add a personal touch, why not use the TORD (€6.99) picture frame, choose your favourite photographs and create a gallery wall to personalise the space. Another way to give the space some personality is to give the bed a new look as it is the focal point of the bedroom and most likely the piece of furniture we spend the most time in.  There are several choices that can spruce up a bed that can result in giving the bedroom an entirely new look and feel.

The KETTINGE (€70.00) headboard can help create atmosphere and make it more comfortable to sit in your bed.  While the NELL (€79.99) duvet set cover can create the experience of luxury that you would typically find in a hotel. Lighting can help to set the mood and make a space cosy.  Having lamps in the bedroom can be both functional and aesthetic.  The EDMUND (€29.99) table lamp can be placed on the ILBRO (€59.99) bedside table to complete the space while appearing stylish yet practical.

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