Money Jar – The First Irish-owned Digital Current Account

Money Jar is a dynamic and revolutionary new approach to banking. It is a digital current account with convenient sign up and, unlike other platforms, Money Jar customers get an Irish IBAN, can pay bills, and receive wages. Money Jar helps customers to open an account when it suits and in just 5 minutes, unlike opening a traditional bank account which can be cumbersome, requiring a lengthy approval process and often a long wait time to get an appointment for a meeting in the branch. Partnering with Mastercard, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Veriff and EML, Money Jar is safe and secure platform.

Money Jar also offers unlimited money jars that can be shared with friends, to help stay on top of personal spending and improve long term financial wellbeing through better money management. And, when customers open an account with Money Jar, they are given a free virtual Prepaid Mastercard with contactless payments, at no additional cost. For those that prefer a physical card, they can order a Prepaid Mastercard from the app for €5, which will be delivered to their door. Money Jar fees are transparent and competitive. There is a monthly service fee of €2.99, free for the first four months, and pay as you go transaction fees. Money Jar promotes responsible, money management.

Money Jar helps to transfer money peer to peer instantly at no cost too, as well as allowing users to pay bills, set up standing orders, and direct debits, and transfer money in and out using SEPA, as well as using it for contactless payments. Accounts can only be accessed by using pass codes, biometrics, and a two-step verification, making a Money Jar digital current account a safe choice – no sensitive data is stored in the app or cached on the mobile device. Today, many people use two separate accounts, a primary account for bills and wages, and a secondary account for mobile transactions. Money Jar provides a one stop solution for all of these tasks that is fast, efficient and reliable.