Life In Lockdown!

The Elevate team has been remote working for the past 10 weeks, like many across Ireland and the world. Each of us has our own unique experience of lockdown and here’s what we’ve been up to.  


Catherine O’Connor
Trying to exercise several times a day has really helped me through Covid-19. From hill walks and sea swims to home workouts, I’ve been staying active, and I’m very lucky to have both the sea and the mountains located within 2k of my home. 

Emer Igbokwe

This time for me has been all about cooking, home workouts and reading.  To make weekends a little more exciting, we’ve been having themed Saturday nights in including a cinema night with popcorn and a pic n’ mix station and a date night making cocktails and creating playlists. It’s been really fun and makes the weekends feel different to the working week. 

Kasia Sobeich
I have been enjoying long walks on the beach and video get togethers with my friends on Zoom. My guilty pleasure has been Tik TokI downloaded it last month and have been obsessed ever since!  


Oonagh Cahill
For me, it’s been really important to chat regularly with my friends and family. As a team, we are using Zoom a lot, which is great, as it’s always so nice to everyone! Before going to bed I try to read to help me switch off from the day. Currently I’m reading Water for Elephants which I’m really enjoying.  


Lynda Burke
These past 10 weeks have given me time for introspection and meditation. I have become more aware of all the incredible people around me. Overall, I feel very lucky to take away so many positives from this experience. We are all in it together and together we can do anything. 


Claire Feely
Lockdown has had its good and bad moments, but the things that I have enjoyed most have been spending time cooking and baking, painting the house, planting flowers and spending more time with my family. The pace of life is certainly different, and while it has taken some time to get to grips with it coming from such a busy home and work life, I really appreciate the slow down. 


Chloe Flanagan
This time has been a huge learning curve. My career in PR started in the Elevate office, and then just two weeks later we began working from home! Although it can be overwhelming sometimes doing various tasks for the first time without the girls beside me, I always know they are only a text away. Personally, I have changed a lot over the past nine weeks – I have even gotten a year older! But I have also learned that a great way for me to clear my head is to go for long walks.  


Emma Kelly
I had a headstart on lockdown as I broke my ankle on February 1st, so life had already slowed down radically for me. I have enjoyed time with my husband and kids, done lots of new cooking and baking, filled skips and set up a proper home office. I have loved the spirit of collaboration and am upskilling with webinars. The last 19 years running Elevate has been hectic and fast paced, so I am enjoying the slowdown and reset.