Irish Entrepreneur Launches My Mind Really Matters Journal

Encouraging the nation to prioritise the mental health and well-being of children and young people in Ireland, Lisa Kennedy, an Early Years’ Educator, has created the My Mind Really Matters journal. With this new product, Lisa seeks to help young people to concentrate on their emotional welfare and mental health, and empower them to embrace daily challenges with greater confidence, self-esteem, and understanding.

My Mind Really Matters journals are available in two options: one suitable for young children 6 y/o+, and one for teenagers 13 y/o+. Designed and developed to help children and teenagers create a more positive mindset, the journals are gender neutral and are available to buy from for €20.

As the children’s journal is suitable for 6 y/o +, Lisa suggests parents spend time with their little ones to help them complete their daily/weekly entries. The colourful, child friendly pages include thought provoking questions that encourage children to explore their feelings. Some of the questions and headings include ‘amazing reminders of who I am’, ‘weekly check-in, ‘love what you do and learn what you love, and ‘follow your dreams’.

The teenage journal, suitable for 13 y/o +, is designed to enable teens to set personal goals, discover the power of a more positive mind-set, and give them the tools to understand that they are in control of their personal happiness. The design of the teen journal has lots of space for teenagers to write down their thoughts, feelings, and reflections. Thought starters in the teenage journal include ‘my tasks for this year, ‘daily check-in’, ‘self-esteem highlights’, ‘anxiety copy skills’, ‘what is cyber bullying’, etc.

Commenting on the launch of My Mind Really Matters, founder Lisa Kennedy said: ‘My Mind Really Matters is truly a passion business for me. I am passionate about children and teenagers being taught the tools they need to become more mindful of their thoughts and emotions, and to build resilience, understanding, and confidence. Over the past fifteen months, children and teenagers have had to deal with many issues. As parents, we want to help our children to grow up to be the best version of themselves, and so these journals are a way for parents to support their children and teenagers on their journey.’

My Mind Really Matters journal is designed to help children develop coping mechanisms. It will contribute towards laying down the foundations for good, happier, mental health. Created by Lisa Kennedy, who is a mum of two boys and Early Years’ Educator for more than 11 years, she founded My Mind Really Matters having witnessed first-hand the impact of anxieties, emotional upheaval, and stress on young children.