Interiors Trends From Jysk

This month, JYSK, the Danish homeware retailer, hosted its first virtual trends webinar focusing on key interiors trends of the moment, with a sneak peek at 2021. The event was hosted by lifestyle journalist and co-owner of GAFF Interiors, Jo Linehanwho spoke to panelists including Rikke Blæsild, design and range manager for JYSK, Reena Simon, interior designer, and author of Scandi Rustic: Creating a Cozy & Happy Home, and Kate O’Dowd, founder of Love and Gatherings.  

Here are some of the key trends from Rikke Blæsild, design and range manager for JYSK.

Earthen Luxe
Earthen Luxe is all about balance, calm and stability, the innovation of nature, and our quest to connect with nature inside and outside our homes. The colour scale is inspired by nature´s harmonious world, with natural blues and dusty greens, and tones of brown and rust, working together in tonal harmonyJYSK uses natural materials, colours, and shapes in its collection inspired by this trend. 

Legacy Lounge
Legacy Lounge explores how design and interiors are reinterpreting the past for the future in a more sustainable way. The appeal of vintage and retro styles takes centre stage but updated to fit the modern home. The colour story has a neutral base with rich, feminine, and warm colours to add a luxurious feelWhatever form the remix takes, designs are underpinned by an inherent sense of value and longevity. The focus is on making better, not more, as sustainability becomes a more urgent issue. Function comes first with pieces that will last.  

Trends for 2021 

Beds have morphed from just a place to sleep to a whole ecosystem and so need to be functional and comfortable. A big trend is bedrooms that act as restorative sanctuariesIn order to create immersive bedtime environments, every element needs to work from the curtains, lighting, and sound, to choosing the right pillow and mattress, something which JYSK is well-known for.  

Interior designer and author, Reena Simon, discussed how Scandinavian design nurtures well-being and contentment. Reena spoke about five key elements for creating a home you never want to leave:  

  • Colour palette – neutral tones 
  • Lighting – keep it bright and layer lighting  
  • Texture – include a mix of textures  
  • Materials – natural materials are best; think wicker, rattan and wood 
  • Finishing touches – accessorize. Keep is clean simple, but layering can add many dimensions 

Tablescaping, a trend that has been around for years, is taking centre stage this year, as we all enjoy dining at home even more. People are taking pleasure in setting their tables for dinner in increasingly elaborate fashions, thinking about colour schemes, styling details, and investing in accessories such as napkins, candles, and vases. Kate O’ Dowd from Love and Gatherings offered her top tips for the perfect tablescape

  • Choose a collapsible table, like JYSK’s garden trestle, to maximise space. Multifunctional seating is a winner too – think a bench that can live in your spare room and can take out as a seat for two. Don’t worry about having a matching set. 
  • When deciding on the theme, takinspiration from your own space to ensure the tablescape will feel natural in its environment. Look at items in your home in a new way to use on the tablescape  
  • A luxurious table can be as much about where you hold back, as what you add. Key star piece include JYSK’s large metallic vase and Art Deco style candlesticks. Natural, rough textured linens in muted tones and unevenly shaped earthenware plate, means that nothing on the table is fighting for attention – first you see the big shiny statements… and then you notice the quieter, but equally beautiful parts. 
  • For centrepieces, incorporate a variance of heights in both candles and florals, which makes for the best aesthetic, but also allows for the most cross-table chats. Put the tallest vases and candlesticks, either right in the centre, or at both ends, with the rest below eyeline. A good option for low centrepieces is to use a plant pot, with a floral frog (AKA the floral arranging game-changer) inside.  
  • When setting a table at home, don’t worry about how things should be done. Set your table in the way that brings you joy and feels the most welcoming; do it well in advance, so that you are relaxing with a cocktail when your guests arrive; and serve something that allows you to spend as little time as possible in the kitchen. The best dinner parties are the ones where the host has as much fun as the guests. 

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