How To Write A Pr Brief

Now that we have come out of the shock stage of Covid-19 and move into the coping and resilient stages, it is the time to consider reinvesting in raising brand awareness and getting your brand’s message out.  

PR is an essential tool in helping brands to grow and engage with consumers across traditional and online media, as well as with influencers. The first step in approaching an agency is to prepare a PR brief and here’s how in 10 easy steps.  

  1. Include a background on the brand and its history, your vision, mission and values

  2. Let the agency know about past campaigns, what worked and what didn’t and for what reasons

  3. Give insights into the target market – age, demographic, geographical spread, an overview of their personality, what makes them tick, why they would and should consider your brand 

  4. Outline what the business objectives are overall – marketing activities should always align with the company’s business objectives
  5. Set 3 / 4 PR objectives – what you want the PR campaign to deliver and why

  6. Is the campaign part of a global platform or initiative, or is it local to this market? Are you looking for big ideas, or for an Irish agency here to deliver a best in class approach to a global brief?
  7. If possible, include other marketing assets for inspiration and to ensure the agency understands the brand’s tone of voice and look and feel, such as advertising campaigns, direct mail, digital assets, etc.

  8. Be clear on what the response should cover – PR, influencer marketing, social media, events

  9. Provide details on what success looks like for the PR campaign, but also for the business as a whole – is it sales, downloads, footfall, etc. 

  10. Finally, include a budget and a deadline for the response  

 A good PR brief will help an agency to deliver the best response possible when preparing the tender. It will also help you to choose the right agency and best fit for the team, the work and the brand overall.  

If you have a brief you would like Elevate PR to respond to, please email Emma ( or Claire ( and we would be delighted to set up a call or meeting with you.