Happy International Cat Day!

Today is National Cat Day, so we are taking a look back at the annual pet name survey from Just Cats Veterinary Clinic to mark this day dedicated to our furry friends. According to the survey of over 80,000 visitors over a 12-month period, pet owners are taking inspiration from TV and box office blockbusters, Game of Thrones and Avengers Endgame, by calling their four legged friends, Khaleesi, Sansa and Thor.

Bidding for the title of most popular show in the world, Game of Thrones has had a lasting effect on modern society, including influencing pet owners when naming their furry friends. Four of its characters’ names made it in the top 10 names for cats. Khaleesi is the tenth most popular name for cats, with Arya coming in at number six, and Sansa coming in at number five. Modern pop culture doesn’t fully dominate the top ten list though, as traditional favourites such as Kitty, Lola, Daisy and Fluffy still have their rightful place on the list of cat names, with Tigger being most popular.

There were plenty of colourful names called out in the Just Cats Veterinary Clinic waiting room too. Pet owners have used some whacky play on words to ensure that their animal always stands out in a crowd. Pablo Escopurrrr, Cat Damon, Cataly Portman, JK Growling, Chairman Meow and Hairy Pawter are just a few of the clever names that have tickled staff this year. 

For more information on Just Cats visit https://www.justcats.ie/