Elevate’s New Igtv Series, The Pr Toolkit

To mark Elevate’s 20th birthday this year, we have launched an IGTV series looking at the PR Toolkit, which takes place each week on Thursdays at 3pm. In the first episode, we spoke to photographer, Andres Poveda, about the important role photography plays in PR. Andres shared his top tips and insights, which can be viewed here.

What Works?

News desks need a strong story and pictures desks need a great picture to go with it, so it is always about having good concept and talking it through with the photographer in advance.


Use props if they work with the concept, but don’t use logos or anything overly branded. Picture editors will just not include them.


More and more images are being used on the digital versions of newspapers and picture editors are looking for premium images to showcase here. The papers are getting thin and there are less opportunities for PR photocall shots. The image has to be newsworthy to get the best chance of landing in print. 

Impact of Social Media

Getting shots for social media is often included on photography briefs now…a quality 1:1 image for Instagram and portrait size for Tik Tok, etc.

 Content Creation

Photography is becoming more about creating content now; images that can live across all brand channels such as action shots of chefs creating food.

Andres discussed some key photography trends including:

  • Photographers offering photography and videography in one
  • Creating tailor made content to fit different media
  • Capturing moving shots for Tik Tok
  • Photographers being part of the whole content creation world

In closing, Andres said it is important to remember that while the ways of photography are changing, the artistry has not.