Charlotte Tilbury’s 10 Looks Makeup Wardrobe – Who Will You Be?

Renowned for her easy-to-use, easy-to-choose and easy-to-shop  philosophy, makeup artist to the stars, Charlotte Tilbury recently relaunched her iconic 10 Looks Wardrobe, upgrading her original, iconic looks with customisable complexion options and introducing two new looks and updates to The Rebel which pay homage to the globally-loved trends that Charlotte has created in recent years.

Charlotte’s 10 Looks Wardrobe brought her beauty styling expertise to the forefront of the beauty industry, decoding her expert tips and tricks into 10 confidence-building kits for eye, lip and cheek makeup magic!  

 “Darlings, it’s like getting dressed in the morning—each confidence-building kit contains: the dream eyes, the perfect lips and the matching cheeks!” 

 With over 27-years’ experience transforming celebrities, supermodels, starlets and icons into whoever they want to be, from the red carpet to the runway, Charlotte has become renowned for her iconic looks. From the wild universe of the Rock Chick to sun-kissed world of The Golden Goddess, Charlotte’s beauty styling expertise has ignited trends around the world! 

 Charlotte Tilbury’s 10 Looks Wardrobe is like BEAUTY DNA BOTTLED. Get ready to discover 10 OFF-THE-PEG, READY-TO-WEAR, CONFIDENCE-BUILDING KITS, expertly edited and styled, so you can be whoever you want to be! 

“Darlings, for over 27 years I have created flawless, glowing, radiant, camera-ready looks for some of the most beautiful, famous faces in the world, from the covers of Vogue to the runways of London, Paris, Milan and New York, and I have built a LIBRARY OF EXPERT ICONIC LOOKS, with eye, lip and cheek makeup magic to transform you into whoever you want to be! Just like a fashion stylist puts together fashion looks using the perfect cuts, the most flattering fit and eye-catching colours, I have bottled BEAUTY DNA to enhance the look of your facial architecture, light up the eyes and perfect every pout! When I launched my brand in 2013, I REVOLUTIONISED the world of beauty with my 10 Looks Wardrobe!! My friends used to ask me which tops to wear with which eye look, and I realised it was PURE BEAUTY STYLING DECODED… I NEEDED TO SHARE MY SECRETS WITH THE WORLD!” -Charlotte Tilbury 

“Each of my CONFIDENCE-BUILDING kits is like having me in your makeup bag. Carefully curated, my 10 LOOKS show you how to create the perfect smokey eye with the matching cheeks and lips, so you can BE WHOEVER YOU WANT TO BE!”  -Charlotte Tilbury

Charlotte’s 10 Iconic Looks are: 

Charlotte’s Confidence-Building kits are a 7-piece makeup kit, €210, and all looks include a complimentary luxury makeup bag. Available now on and in Brown Thomas nationwide and Arnotts.