Charlotte Tilbury Unveils Her New! Skin-coded Secret To A Flawless, Poreless-looking, Confident Complexion…


Makeup artist to the stars, Charlotte Tilbury has revealed her biggest launch of 2019. After many months of testing and tweaking in Charlotte’s innovative Beauty Laboratories, the Queen of Complexion has created the secret to flawless, poreless-looking skin…

Introducing the flawless fifth chapter in Charlotte Tilbury’s complexion story: NEW! Airbrush Flawless Foundation, a stay all day, weightless, full coverage matte finish foundation in 44 skin-coded shades!

Created by Charlotte, Airbrush Flawless Foundation matches flawlessly to your skin tone and undertone, designed to release the flawless feeling you get when you feel like the most beautiful, powerful and joyful version of yourself.

On July 11th, Charlotte opened the doors to her Airbrush Flawless Laboratory in London where press, influencers, makeup artists, VIPs, friends and competition winners from around the world could learn, play and discover everything they needed to know about Airbrush Flawless Foundation. For the first time ever, Charlotte also live streamed the event to her fans and customers globally, ensuring everyone was inclusively given access to the big reveal! The video can be watched still and customers can sign up to the waitlist here:

“In my twenty-seven years as makeup artist to the stars, people have always asked for my secret to the ‘flawless’ feeling derived from a poreless-looking, satin-smooth, visibly airbrushed, youthful-looking and FLAWLESSLY MATCHED complexion! Whoever they are, whether it’s a Hollywood actress, red carpet superstar, doctor, journalist, CEO, or a working parent like me, EVERYONE wants a foundation that STRETCHES and BLENDS with their natural skin tone and type, that helps to TRANSFORM their unique skin-issues, and that VISIBLY reduces the appearance of wrinkles by a life-changing 22% over 8 weeks! Everyone wants a foundation that LASTS for up to 16 hours, that they can TRUST, that doesn’t TRANSFER, that KEEPS MOISTURISING, that LOOKS GOOD under ANY light – whether it is harsh HD screens, unforgiving daylight on the beach or under the glaring lights of the tube! This is a NATURAL-LOOKING, weightless, FULL COVERAGE hybrid magic skincare foundation for EVERY occasion…

Throughout my career, I have learnt that three out of four of people wear the WRONG colour foundation. People don’t know what to choose, or what to use for their skin tone! Often, they’ll want to hide imperfections with a thick blanket of dull, matte foundation, rather than choosing a formula that makes their skin LOOK ALIVE and FEEL FLAWLESS! In response to these learnings, I have worked with the BEST laboratories in the world to create my MOST miraculous SKIN-CREATION yet! This product was built from NECESSITY. I wanted a MIRACLE foundation that could do it ALL! I wanted to GIVE you a FOUNDATION that was SKIN-CODED to your complexion, that has a MAGIC formula that TRANSFORMS, SMOOTHS, PERFECTS, CONCEALS, AND ENERGISES your spirit and confidence!” Charlotte Tilbury

FLAWLESS IS A FEELING! What is your secret?”

“When I wear this foundation, people ask me if I have had work done! Have I been on holiday? Why do I look SO REFRESHED and so much younger? No, no, no! It’s Airbrush Flawless Foundation! Airbrush Flawless Foundation does EVERYTHING! You say REDNESS, I say FLAWLESS FOUNDATION! You say conceal ROSACEA, I say FLAWLESS FOUNDATION! You say conceal ACNE, I say FLAWLESS FOUNDATION!!” Charlotte Tilbury

  • Airbrush Flawless Foundation, €40.00:
    • Launches on 22nd August 2019 on
    • Available in all doors worldwide from 29th August 2019