Bumble Shares Top Tips For A Virtual Valentine’s Day

With a lockdown Valentine’s day approaching, and with it being the first virtual Valentine’s Day for a number of people, it can be difficult to get excited for a day that celebrates love.

Research from Bumble shows that whilst 90% of people think that Valentine’s Day will be different this year as a result of the pandemic almost half (43%) of people would still love for someone to do something romantic for them.

Romance doesn’t have to be anything big, in fact, 22% of people love receiving gestures of love on Valentine’s Day rather than making plans. Gestures can be as small as making breakfast in bed, buying flowers or even making your partner their favourite cocktail!

Naomi Walkland, Bumble’s Head of UK & Irelandsays “This Valentine’s Day will definitely be different but it’s not necessarily all negative. It’s no secret that this last year has been tough on relationships but it’s also reminded people of what matters. Think about this year as an opportunity to forgo the last-minute reservation in favour of a handwritten love letter, a virtual home cooked meal, or a return to the romance of a good playlist. It’s all about the little things this year.”

Please see below for some top tips from Bumble on how to enjoy this Valentine’s Day, regardless of if you’re together in real life or you’re celebrating virtually.

  1. Get organised. As with any seasonal day or even a lockdown birthday, it can feel like a drag if you don’t have things to look forward to and fill your time with. A top tip from Bumble is to set aside time for activities, so mentally and physically, you know where and when you need to be. This could be as small as setting a time to have breakfast with your partner (albeit via video chat if you’re apart) or preparing a complicated three course dinner. Equally if you plan to send something to your date, make sure to get it organised early!
  2. Make new traditions. For those who got together during the pandemic, and for those who have been locked down together for the best part of a year, now is the perfect time to introduce a new tradition. Alongside all your other new hobbies that you’ve acquired in 2020, it could be as simple as making cards for each other or pulling out all the stops and deciding you’ll always dress up for dinner. Make it something small and achievable, but equally something that will put a smile on yours and your partner’s face.
  3. Get out and about (safely). Bumble has found that one third of people (33%) would choose an ‘active date’ to mark Valentine’s Day and we all know that a bit of fresh air does *wonders* for you mind and body. Plan to explore areas close to home on a walk, hike, or a bike ride as a way to mix up your Valentine’s Day. Getting out and about is not only a great option if you don’t live with your partner but also provides a great conversation starter if you’re celebrating virtually.
  4. Make a meal of it. Half of us (49%) would have normally opted for a meal out together to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Instead plan to cook a special dinner together at home and set the table to replicate your favourite restaurant. If you can’t be together in person, buy the same ingredients or meal kit and make dinner ‘together’ at the same time. Settling down for a romantic meal provides time for reflection on the past year and excitement for the future.
  5. It’s all about ambiance this Valentine’s Day. Surprise your partner with setting the mood. Whether it be with candles, a special playlist or a throwback cocktail, it’s important to generate the atmosphere for the Valentine’s Day you’d want, even if circumstances mean you can’t be together. Scents and sounds have the power to positively impact your partner’s mood when times are difficult.