Bumble Inc. Doubles Down On Commitment To Kind Connections With Updated Community Guidelines  

This month, Bumble announced the release of its updated Community Guidelines aimed at promoting a safer, kinder experience for all its members.

The guidelines help to support a safe community for its members through making it clear what content and conduct is not acceptable. Bumble’s revised guidelines underscore the importance of authenticity, safety and kindness through:

  • New guidelines that prohibit any attempts to artificially influence connections, matching, conversations, or engagement through the use of automation or scripting.
  • Updating its Bullying and Abusive Conduct policies to prohibit doxxing and the malicious sharing of personal identifying information alongside rules to discourage no-show behaviours through disallowing the act of not turning up to an in-person meet up despite clear plans agreed by both parties. Bumble is also the only platform to now have a policy related to victim blaming/ shaming.
  • Reinforcing member safety through providing an industry leading definition of sexual assault, which Bumble Inc. defines as any unwanted physical contact or attempted physical contact that is sexual in nature.
  • Cracking down on the presence of adult content on its apps through introducing a blanket ban on the promotion of adult content in profiles, including attempts to sell, advertise, or buy adult sexual content.

The guidelines make it clear that any behaviours that goes against these newly updated policies may result in individuals losing access to Bumble Inc.’s platforms (Bumble, Badoo and Bumble For Friends) and will continue to evolve to address emerging risks and potential harms that may occur from new behaviours.

Bumble Inc. has been deploying machine learning models for a number of years to enforce its guidelines and enhance its focus on member safety, and uses automated safeguards to detect comments and images that go against its guidelines before users report them. This includes harassment, identity-based hate, and other inappropriate content in over 100 languages.

To date, Bumble Inc. has blocked over 8.2 million accounts in 2023 across Bumble and Badoo, the majority of which were blocked automatically. Bumble Inc. takes the safety of all its members very seriously and prides itself as a space to make Kind Connections in a safe, inclusive, and respectful way. In order to foster healthy and equitable relationships, members are held accountable for the way they treat each other.