Bosch Launches The Unlimited 7 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Range

Bosch is set to clean up with the Unlimited 7 cordless vacuum cleaner range. Perfect for households big and small, the super-flexible range is powered by a 3.0 Power For All battery, promising up to 40 minutes’ runtime on just one battery charge. The Unlimited 7 range is made up of three models that differ slightly to suit your needs.

The premium Unlimited 7 ProHome comes with 2 battery packs, effectively giving users a runtime of up to 80 minutes, the Unlimited 7 ProAnimal is ideal for removing pet hair more efficiently, and the Unlimited 7 ProHome in graphite grey, for a sleek look and feel. Prices start from €349.99 with a full list of retailers available on the Bosch website

With ergonomic features for high convenience and flexibility, users of the Unlimited 7 cordless vacuum cleaner range can choose between three power modes. Eco mode is the most efficient and allows for maximum runtime. Auto mode offers automatic power adjustment, whereby the nozzle adjusts its performance depending on the floor type (carpet or hard  floor). And Turbo mode ensures ultimate performance for optimal cleaning results. In tests, for example, dust pickup in Turbo mode on hard floors is measured at more than 99.9 percent.

With its multiple accessories, the Unlimited 7 range is designed to clean almost anywhere, from under the sofa to the four corners of the ceiling. It is also ideal for cleaning the inside of any car. With the Nozzle Foot Release, users can easily detach the nozzle from the tube and replace it with other attachments – including the 2-in-1 furniture brush and upholstery nozzle, as well as the crevice nozzle and long flexible crevice nozzle for effective cleaning in hard-to-reach places.

The Unlimited 7 ProAnimal model takes convenience one step further and is perfect for pet owners, with a ProAnimal Brush designed to remove pet hair easily, along with additional accessories for cleaning mattresses, pet baskets and computer keyboards.

Convenience is the key to the Unlimited 7. The Quick Stand function, for example, means that the nozzle and tube stand by themselves while the handheld vacuum is detached and used. Also of note is the Flex Tube, which enables users to clean under low furniture without bending down. Plus, owners no longer need to put the Unlimited 7 back in its docking station or lie it on the floor when they want to take a break. Thanks to the Easy Parking Clip, they can secure it to the edge of their furniture, such as a table or shelf, or the back of a chair.