Are You Coping With Life’s Pressures? With 70% Of Us Feeling Like We Are Failing, Alpro Researches What And Who Is Putting The Pressure On

After the festive party season, January brings with it self-reflection and sometimes unrealistic goal-setting that doesn’t last beyond the first couple of weeks of the New Year. A recent survey has revealed that over two-thirds feel like they are not coping with life’s pressures. Commissioned by Alpro as a part of the brand’s ‘Good For You’ campaign, 1,000 adults said that the thought, ‘I am not good enough’, enters their minds a whopping 130 times a year.

In a competitive society that is full of filters and only sharing the ‘best bits’, this January, Alpro’s campaign is all about championing the underdog; celebrating anyone trying to make small, positive changes for the good of their health, and the health of our planet – whatever these may look like.

It’s easy to point the finger at social media as one of the leading driving forces behind people feeling under pressure. However, 85% of those surveyed explained that they put the most pressure on themselves. Only a third (36%) contributed the strain to social media, with nearly half (43%) of 18 – 24 year olds highlighting that their parents put the most pressure on them, and over two-fifths (44%) admitting that their partner pressurises them. Interestingly, those surveyed said that they compare themselves most to friends and peers (56%), and not celebrities (only 9%).

Findings from the survey show that health is one of the biggest pressure triggers, with 61% feeling the strain of trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Over a quarter are stressed about having the right work / life balance, as they struggle to find time to spend with loved ones and on their own wellness and self-care.

70% of those surveyed feel like they are not coping with life’s pressures at least once a month, and worryingly, over a third say it is a very frequent occurrence – once a week or more. With so many of us being pulled in a range of different directions daily, it’s not surprising that only 3% of those surveyed feel no pressure in their life.

David Jiscoot, Marketing Director of Alpro UK & Ireland, said of the results: “From our research, it’s clear to see that the Irish nation feel huge pressure to ‘be their best selves’. Alpro wants to reassure those feeling overwhelmed that in real life, good is good enough, and it’s the small, positive changes that can make a huge difference.”

Irish Alpro ambassador, Yvonne Connolly believes, ‘We live in a very fast paced society, with many things adding pressure to our day, whether it’s financial, health or emotional – we put a lot strain on ourselves. Realising that we’re doing the best we can, and by making small changes to our lives, we can hopefully try to relieve some of those daily pressures that we all feel. Take each day at a time and remember that good is good enough’.

Success can come in many forms. Almost half of those surveyed explained that being financially stable makes them feel successful, with one in three saying that their relationship with family and friends equals success and being healthy in general. For 18 – 24 year olds, body confidence is top of their success agenda, while for the 35+ age group it is about having a good relationship with their children and staying on top of life admin. The pressure to maintain a healthy lifestyle increased for the 35+ respondents.

We all know that healthy comes with an (ish) – because, well life happens. So this January, why not make a small change and choose plant-based, because in real life, good is good enough…GOOD FOR YOU!

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