April Is Rosacea Awareness Month

April is Rosacea Awareness Month, and Irish skin is particularly prone to the condition. Also known as the Curse of the Celts, it can cause redness, inflammation, sensitivity, and overall discomfort. Rosacea affects 1 in 10 of the adult population in Ireland. Irish-owned skincare brand, Finca Skin Organics, specialises in the treatment of sensitive skin and rosacea.

In a clinical study conducted by Harley Street Clinic on rosacea sufferers using Finca Skin Organics, 87% felt the appearance of their skin improved significantly. 100% said their skin felt more comfortable, while 95% rated them over 7/10 at treating their rosacea symptoms. When compared to other products, 91% preferred Finca Skin Organics for managing their rosacea symptoms.

Finca Skin Organics was set up by rosacea sufferer, Finola Fegan, who couldn’t find any products on the market that did not include chemicals or additives; both known to irritate already sensitive skin. Finca Skin Organics is a clinically proven range of plant-based skincare that targets specific subtypes of rosacea using tailored formulations with minimal ingredient lists.

Finca Skin Organic’s core products include two serums: Calming Serum 1 and Calming Serum 2. The first Calming Serum is specially developed for sensitive skin, including ETR rosacea, also known as rosacea subtype 1. It is a soothing serum for dry and sensitive skin that reduces redness and inflammation, repairing the skin’s barrier and holding in moisture (€33). Calming Serum 2 is a soothing serum for acne-prone, irritated skin, that relieves facial redness, swelling, excess oil and bumps. It is the best-selling product in the range (€30), and the patent-pending formulation has been specifically developed for sensitive skin, including skin prone to subtype 2 acne rosacea. Customers who use this serum notice a difference in as little as three weeks.

The full Finca Skin Organics collection is available to buy on www.fincaskinorganics.com and also stocked in the Ailesbury Clinic, Dublin. For more information on Finca Skin Organics and to keep up to date with all their skincare knowledge, follow Finca Skin organics on Instagram.