Alpro Teams Up With Yvonne Connolly To Launch – No One Does Unsweetened Like Alpro

As Alpro Reveals that 2 in 3 Irish Adults Do Not Know How Much Sugar is in their Breakfast

This January, plant power pioneer, Alpro, has teamed up with TV cook, food columnist, and mum, Yvonne Connolly, to launch Alpro’s No One Does Unsweetened Like Alpro breakfast campaign. A recent survey conducted by Alpro has delved into the breakfast habits of the Irish. Unsurprisingly, over 75% think that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, with only 4% admitting to not eating breakfast. The top breakfast choices of the Irish are, cereal (49%), tea and toast (25%), fruit and yogurt (21%), eggs (22%), and a fully cooked breakfast (13%). Yet out of all of those surveyed, 2 in 3 do not know how much sugar is actually in their breakfast.

Campaign ambassador, Yvonne Connolly, said: ‘I agree with the 75% of those surveyed, breakfast really is the most important meal of the day. It plays such a key role in our family’s life…as cliché as it sounds, it really does set us up for the day. With our busy lives, it’s hard to scan food labels while rushing through the supermarket and keeping track of the sugar content in breakfast products can be tricky. Which is why I’m delighted that Alpro has launched the ‘ No One Does Unsweetened Like Alpro’ breakfast campaign. One of our favourite breakfast dishes is oats with apple, cinnamon, mint, honey and almond unsweetened drink. It’s called Heaven Can Wait Porridge and it lives up to its name!’

The term ‘unsweetened’ can be confusing on food labels, as it doesn’t always mean completely ‘no sugars’. However, thanks to Alpro, we can enjoy breakfast this January with Alpro’s entire unsweetened range which contains no sugars and no sweeteners at all.

Adding to this, Kate Arthur, Nutrition Manager at Alpro UK & Ireland, said: ‘As a brand we are proud to offer a full no sugars and no sweeteners at all range, that includes Almond Unsweetened drink, Soya Unsweetened drink and Alpro Plain Unsweetened Big Pot, and our newest product and first-to-market, Alpro Oat Unsweetened drink. We know from our survey that the majority of Irish consumers (82%) make time to have breakfast at home, which is brilliant. As our unsweetened range is so versatile, it’s perfect to use in anything from a bircher muesli, fruity smoothie or a warm bowl of porridge.’

Irresistibly creamy, 100% plant-based, and with no sugars and no sweeteners at all, Alpro Oat Unsweetened is the newest member of Alpro’s Unsweetened family. First-to-market and one-of a kind, Alpro’s Oat Unsweetened drink is also a source of vitamin D, B12 and calcium, with **30% more fibre too! Available from the chilled aisle of Tesco stores nationwide. (€2.49).