Ilfa – ‘turning Full Circle’ By Matt Cullen

On Tuesday, 24th March 2015, Minister James Reilly officially opened Dublin based artist, Matt Cullen’s first solo art exhibition, entitled ‘Turning Full Circle’ at Filmbase, Temple Bar. Friends, family and art enthusiasts alike, gathered together in Dublin’s city centre exhibition space as Matt unveiled his first solo exhibition in support of the Irish Lung Fibrosis Association. Matt has suffered with the life debilitating disease, Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis (IPF) for over five years and credits the work of ILFA (Irish Lung Fibrosis Association) in IPF patient care, support and education as an unparalleled support throughout his ongoing illness. For this reason, Matt launched the ‘Turning Full Circle’ exhibition, with 20% of all proceeds made going towards ILFA’s immeasurable work in Ireland today.

Guests enjoyed a night of goodwill and great art as Matt exhibited a marvellous selection of his contemporary and abstract artwork, which celebrates the circle of life while also allowing him to express himself as an IPF patient. Matt has never allowed the debilitating illness to define his identity and this was clear in his work, as guests remarked on the power portrayed in the evocative art. In launching ‘Turning Full Circle’, Minister James Reilly said: ‘With over 800 individuals being diagnosed with the incurable, life threatening disease each year, it is an unfortunate reality that we must address. Matt’s exhibition is a great example of the power of art in expression, giving people an insight into the twists and turns of life as an IPF patient and also urges us all to play our part in raising awareness and much needed funds to support IPF patients and their families.’

‘Turning Full Circle’ exhibition will run at Filmbase, Temple Bar until Saturday 28th of March, free of charge, with 20% of all proceeds made, going towards supporting the work of ILFA in Ireland today. These much needed donations will aid the work carried out by ILFA, helping to raise awareness of this largely unknown condition, to provide a source of information and support to people with the condition and to provide funding for research and the development of new treatments for Lung Fibrosis.